what makes us unique?

Bioactive carbon technology works with mother nature to naturally restore soil function and reduce pollutants in water using groundbreaking principals that integrate physics, chemistry, and biology to create a stable organic liquid that is highly energized and oxygenated on a molecular level. Highly energized bioactive carbon molecules are loaded with oxygen and sugar molecules and are often referred as CHO molecules. 

They have the capacity to create an environment that perpetuates similar compounds from spent or dead carbon compounds through aerobic microflora metabolism to create life giving bioactive organic compounds. As a result, putrefied solids are reduced, spent carbon compounds are reactivated, dissolved oxygen increases, biologic floc intensifies, odors are reduced, and denitrification occurs, while mineral salts and heavy metal compounds are molecularly converted to nontoxic molecules.

Unique Benefits include;

• ability to redirect energy at the molecular level to hyperactive biological metabolism
• ability to stimulate bioactive carbon/microbial activity that is capable of digesting and metabolizing pollutants including mineral salts such as nitrogen and phosphorus, heavy metals, and other chemical waste. The results include;
• Improved carbon footprint
• Reduced need for electricity, equipment, and fuel costs
• Non-hazardous to humans, animals, birds, fish, or the environment
• Increased food and fish production capacity
• Reduced odors and other hazards in wastewater

• Boost soil health and function
• Enhance formation of available carbon based macro and micro nutrients
• Improved root growth and health (Healthy roots equal healthy plants)
• Sustain available water to plant roots up to 40% longer
• Remove salt buildup and toxic substances from soil
• Lower soil pH and increase soil energy levels
• Increase healthy microbial populations in soil (the honey bees of the soil)
• Reduce fertilizer requirement by as much as 30 percent

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