Who we are

Stable Matrix, founded in 2014, is a women owned small business providing innovative approaches to soil and water restoration challenges. The company helps resources managers enhance soil performance, improve water quality, stimulate plant growth and comply with environmental regulations with proprietary bioactive carbon products.

StableMATRIX products are environmentally safe and certified Biopreferred. They work through processes that reduce environmental pollutants via bioactive carbon/microbial activity that converts spent organic matter, mineral salts, and heavy metal salts into nontoxic plant available active carbon compounds.

This molecular process has proven to;

• reduce wastewater toxicity and organic sludge in water.
• trigger bioactive processes to re-energize spent or dead carbon compounds
• convert anaerobic conditions into aerobic conditions in water
• reduce the amount of traditional fertilizer needed in agriculture
• stimulate bioactive carbon nutrient cycling in soil

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